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We Are Moving!

As you may know Barracuda Taqueria suffered a fire on September 7th 2011. We sustained major water damage to our restaurant. Our insurance kicked in and we started to rebuild. During the rebuild process a few major issues arose. These were issues that we were unable to recover from. So the location that was once Barracuda Taqueria can no longer be such. Please be aware that we fought the good fight and did everything we could to remain in that place and get to slinging tacos. It was pure greed that ultimately prevented this from happening. That is as far as I can go into that.

We are currently in negotiations with a new location not to far from the last. Once we succeed in securing a location and reopening be assured we will be bigger and better. A few things to look forward to as Barracuda Cantina Grill is being born. Much more menu options and a full service bar. Rotisserie chicken available all day and night. Fresh tortillas made right in front of you, and much more. So please don’t forget about us. We will prevail with great things to come. Thank you to all who have supported us. You will soon have that soon to be famous chile con queso before you know it.

Warmest Regards,
Barracuda Taqueria

Real, south of the border, street food has come to Seattle.

Tacos, Tortas, Pollo Asado y Sopa (Tacos, Sandwiches, Rotisserie Chicken, and Soup).
Made to order with freshly prepared, locally sourced ingredients.

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